Function follows form
Function follows form is a pattern design experiment painted on canvas with textile paint which makes it suitable to use as a table cloth. It was at display during Collective Y's last group exhibition Please, take me to another world (November 2021).
Sketch 101 - Sketch 104
These animations are the result of generative algorithms I wrote to experiment with dynamic abstract compositions. I am interested in embedding randomness into these algorithms to arrive at animations that are constrained by me but simultaneously surprising and novel every time they are recomputed. The project was on display on 4 screens during the expo of Collective Y at Sexyland in September 2020 where visitors could recompute the animations by pressing fysical buttons. Check out the code on my GitHub if you're interested.
Saar and Claar [Hommage to friendship]
Promo work for Radio Tempo Não Pára
This section shows a selection of visuals I made for events of my friend's radio Tempo Não Pára (TNP). They host online radio shows every Friday and Saturday as well as host plenty of events (check out their Instagram to keep an eye on that).
In De Diamantfabriek
In De Diamantfabriek is a cultural festival organised for and by students at CREA Amsterdam. I designed a new identity for the festival and promotional materials for the edition in 2017.