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You can reach me at & find me on LinkedIn / GitHub. View my curriculum vitae here.


This website shows some of the creative work I like doing besides my daily practice of being involved with computer sciency things. I recently obtained my master's degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam and I am currently working on a research project at the same university (at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation) that resulted from my master's thesis on deep generative latent variable models of language. Check out the GitHub page for more info on that research project.

In my creative work, I recently started to involve my interests and skills from the field of computer science. One direct result of that combination is this website itself. The graphic animation on the landing page of this website is an exploration of this sort. With this animation I tried to catch the process of accidental visual surprises that can occur to you when playing around with physical cut-out paper. Random placement of pieces of paper can be unexpectedly interesting in composition and in color combinations. But just like random collages in the wild are directed by me through the selection of shape, material and color, this has collage has my algorithmic guidance.

Another result of this interest is the project Sketch 101-104 that you can view on the SELECTED PROJECTS page. This was a work I made for the exhibition of Collective Y, autumn last year at Sexyland. Collective Y is a collaboration with Gigi van Erven Dorens, Allard van Renterghem en Willem van Erven Dorens. Find the collective on Instagram to see what we do and keep an eye on what is coming up next.